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Best Ways to Find Off Market Deals

A Referrals

  • B Owner Equity

  • C Yellow Pages

  • D Generic Mass Mail

  • E Public Auctions

  • F Pre-Foreclosures

  • G Out-of-State Owners

  • H Car Signs

  • I Door Knocking

  • J Zoning Violations

  • K Eviction Notices

  • L Reverse 411

  • M Foreclosures

  • N Non-Owner Occupied

  • O Estate Sales

  • P Short Sales

  • Q Buying Leads

  • R REO Assets

  • S Fleet Car Signs

  • T Outdoor Display Ads

  • U Targeted Direct Mail

  • V Online Advertising

  • W Bandit Signs

  • X Business Cards

  • Y Real Estate Agent

  • Z Private Investigator

  • AA Door Hangers

  • AB For Sale by Owner

  • AC REO Auctions

  • AD Classifieds

What is your main objective as a seller?

-See what your home is worth

-looking at selling to find another home

-Save on fees and move quick

-Relocate, financial distress, house problems

-Not wanting to repair or clean or all the headache

-If renter(multi family normally) defer the maintenance to someone else and 1031 exchange to a new property

What do you want out of the value of your home?

-What price?

-Closing time frames?

-Have someone come out to the house? Okay with you if we move forward. We would need to see the home before we send a real offer.

-Title company? We use a metro title company would that work.

-What is the best way to contact you?

Once we agree on a number as 801 Property Brothers we will send it over and if all parties agree our in house agent will draw up a legal standardized REPC so all parties are protected for all the details of the offer to be executed upon and agreed upon details.

We are open to discussions so know we are flexible as long as both parties understand that.

We are here to find a solution for you if you are seeking the opportunity to move into your next opportunity. If you are seeking just a price of your home we will gladly send over an offer to start the discussion.

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