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What it is like to sell to an Investor...

Here is the normal process when selling to an investor like 801 Property Brothers.

A professional home investor is either an individual or a company that buys residential properties as part of a business or investment strategy. Individual investors may own just one or two investment homes (that they either keep and rent out or flip and quickly resell), but companies that buy houses usually do so in bulk. Home buyer investors usually employ one of four key strategies.

Common Reasons Sellers look to investors:

  1. Inherited home

  2. Foreclosure

  3. Disrepair

  4. Need timeline flexibility

  5. No financing possible

  6. Divorce

  7. Relocating for work

  8. Currently in escrow

  9. Tenant occupied

  10. Fees and closing costs - In fact, according to Zillow research, the average seller spends $6,570 prepping their home for sale. That figure includes hiring a professional for projects like painting, staging, house and carpet cleaning, lawn care and gardening. Then Closing costs and agent fees on top of those above.

Process of selling to 801 Prop Brothers

  1. Discuss property and process to close and all dates that work for YOU.

  2. Offer/Under contract drawn up by our in house Utah Real Estate Agent. Seller disclosures on property for material defects or issues.

  3. Agree on price and all closing costs covered by us plus buyers agent commission. No seller agent commission either.

  4. Have contractor run through property one time at time of offer or once under contract. Negotiate any problems.

  5. NO APPRAISAL or anyone else needing to come look at the home and disrupt owners.

  6. No need to clean or stage property during this timeline.

  7. Close in as FAST as 7 business days.

  8. Seller gets paid and onto next deal.

How to avoid scams from home investors

. Here are a few important steps you should take:

  • Call their office using the published number you were provided.

  • Check their website. If they don’t have a website, ask the investor if they have any materials to support their business claims.

  • Read reviews online. Most professional investors, even if not part of a large investment company, have some sort of online presence.

  • Check your local Better Business Bureau for warnings.

  • Never give any money to the investor until the closing date, and even then, all transactions should take place through a closing or escrow agent.

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