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Wearsafe - Be Safe, Personal Safety Technology

  • TRUSTED -- Named “top gadget of CES 2017” by Women’s Health and awarded a spot in Red Herring’s 2017 Top 100 List, Wearsafe is recognized for protecting thousands of people nationwide.

  • NO SUBSCRIPTIONS & NO CONTRACT FEES -- Unlike other emergency devices, Wearsafe doesn’t have subscriptions or contract fees when you buy the lifetime edition. It takes the hassle out of having to pay monthly for service, and makes a perfect gift.

  • PROTECTION ON THE GO -- The Wearsafe tag pairs with your smartphone, which means it works just as well inside your home as it does when you’re out and on the go. With Wearsafe, you can contact your emergency contacts 24/7 anywhere you have a cellular connection with the touch of a button.

  • ALERTS WITH AUDIO & LOCATION -- Wearsafe not only sends your GPS location but also streams audio so networks can understand your emergency and get you the right help when you need it.

  • DISCREET FEEDBACK -- Unlike other personal emergency response tags, the Wearsafe tag is not only discreet, but also vibrates when and alert is viewed by an emergency contact so that you know your alert has been received.

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