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Houses or Multi Family we Buy!

Areas to consider when selling
Selling to 801 Property Ventures
MLS Listing or Agent Sale
801PropertyVentures saving you $400K est
Seller Disclosures
Do not require and we buy any house in any condition
Disclosure that the seller can get in trouble for holding back information
Might kill a deal that was moving forward based on findings.
Relationships/Repair and List
We offer our relationships if you want to repair and renovate your home
6-9 months depending on your understanding of construction
Cost to sell a house is nearly 15% of its sale price—which includes agent commissions, home improvements, closing costs and moving fees. - Dave Ramsey
We offer $$$ NON Refundable, you keep it no matter what
Dependent on Offer Submitted/Accepted
$$90,000$$ Estimated (every home is a different situation, based on national averages)
Closing Date
Whenever works for you, fast as 5 days
35-60 Days now, holding cost, next offer contingent upon sale
Mortgage payments two homes NOT with us, we offer a leaseback at a fair option, next home purchase not contingent upon SALE
Home Warranty
We do not ask for one
Mold, Sewer Line, Meth, etc
We do them if we want, but do not require anything from the seller
Normal process in buyers tools to get out of a deal they do not want to be stuck in, or ask the seller for them to be remediated prior to sale or fall out of contract
Another route to have your home back on the market, not with us though
Real Estate Commission and Fees
6% or Sale Price
Moving Fees-Houses or Multi Family We Buy!
Negotiable in Sale
Leaseback option so NEXT home is NOT contingent on sale of current home
We are open to as long as 60 days while YOU find your next opportunity at a negotiated amount
Contingent on sale of home, hard way to get a contract accepted right now
Remove another contingency so you can get into your new home
Average days until Sold
7 days or less
90 Days start to to finish
Save time, hassle, money
Repairs and Updating Home for sale
We handle all Repairs and buy "as-is"
Roughly 5% of the sale price
Inspection & Finance Contingency
We show up the 1 time that is all
Another contingency when trying to get out of your home
Save the risk of getting your house placed back on the MLS and more trouble to sell it
Closing Costs-Houses or Multi Family We Buy!
0% We cover your closing costs
$8,000 WE GIFT
Showings-Houses or Multi Family We Buy!
1 time with us is all and some cases not one at all
Might be 50-100 people in your house from start to finish
We will not damage property when viewing or hassle you
Seller Concessions-Houses or Multi Family We Buy!
1 - 2%
Appraised Value/Cost of Appraisal & Waiting time
We do Not require one since we buy in cash
Lenders require and Buyer might cancel deal over this contingency, plus waiting time and 400-1000 Cost
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